Even at 96 years old, Dr. Henry Heimlich can spring into action to save a life, finally using the move he invented decades ago for the first time. On Monday, Heimlich noticed 87-year-old Patty Ris, a new resident of his Cincinnati retirement home, choking on her dinner. Forever the pro, the retired chest surgeon got to the woman and delivered the Heimlich Maneuver to save the day.

Heimlich’s abdominal thrust move first came about in June 1974 when he published his thoughts in an Emergency Medicine article adorably titled “Pop Goes the Cafe Coronary.” Yet, in all the years since, he’s only ever used it on patients and volunteers in demonstrations. He’s never actually used it out in the real world to save an unsuspecting victim of choking, as he told The Guardian.

HEIMLICH: “It was very gratifying. That moment was very important to me. I knew about all the lives my maneuver has saved over the years and I have demonstrated it so many times, but here, for the first time, was someone sitting right next to me who was about to die.”

Honestly, is there a more baller move than to use a world-renowned life-saving technique you invented to save the life of a woman?