Pop culture mash-ups of all stripes are legion on the internet, but few will ever manage to be as remarkable or as downright fun as “Hell’s Club,” a nearly 10-minute edit by Antonio Maria Da Silva that brings several dozen of the most memorable characters in film together in a single nightclub.

Sure, it might not sound like too much of a feat to edit together nightclub scenes from various movies, but Da Silva does so much more than that. Using a scene from, of all things, Star Wars — Episode II: Attack of the Clones as a jumping off point, Da Silva takes us into a world where Blade works alongside Obi-Wan Kenobi, where Carlito’s Way-era Al Pacino manages a club that Scarface-era Al Pacino is drinking in, and where the Tom Cruise of Cocktail can look across the bar and lock eyes with the Tom Cruise of Collateral.

But Da Silva also goes even further, crafting several mini stories along the way. Robert De Niro’s concern for Sharon Stone’s character in Casino is grafted onto her character from Basic Instinct. Saturday Night Fever-era John Travolta’s admiration for Al Pacino is grafted onto Pacino’s Carlito Brigante character. Then, of course, there’s The Terminator, determined to get his mark, but this time his mark isn’t Sarah Connor.

It’s a dizzying, endlessly fun parade of characters and situations as you’ve never seen them before, and Da Silva pulls of some amazing stuff. This is the only place you’ll ever see Darth Vader admiring John Travolta’s dancing skills, or Drexl Spivey — Gary Oldman’s drug dealer from True Romance — sharing a room with Pinhead. This thing is so fun, it makes Episode II-era Hayden Christensen look cool, and believe me, that’s high praise.