At the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this week, Intel announced a piece of awesome technology geared not toward Apple Watch-adorned tech geeks, but to construction workers. It’s called the Daqri Smart Helmet, and it’s a hardhat that gets the wearer pretty damn near X-ray vision on the job site.

The helmet won’t turn you into James Bond with his X-ray glasses that could peer through women’s clothes, though, ya perv. The industrial-minded technology is limited to augmented reality tech. What you see is an image generated with the use of thermal vision and fancy cameras that, when projected on a display inside the helmet (and in front of your eyes), effectively help you see through objects with the aid of diagrams and maps.

Developed by augmented reality company Daqri, the helmet uses Intel’s RealSense 3D camera to overlay computer images onto what the wearer is seeing in front of them. The Intellitrack system has 360-degree navigation cameras equipped analyze environments, using maps and thermal images to peer through through pipes, walls and other solid objects.

Unlike Microsoft’s foray into the AR realm, the HoloLens—which has only seen limited demos—the Smart Helmet has been tested by a range of Fortune 100 companies across aerospace, construction, oil and gas industries and is shipping as of yesterday.

H/t Wired