No many how many other awards Leonardo DiCaprio adds to his fearsome collection, one has remained elusive for years: the Academy Award. It’s no secret DiCaprio has been chasing Oscar for years, but in 2016, you get to help him, just like that bear from The Revenant.

Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage is the ultimate DiCaprio caper. The controls are simple: You alternatingly tap the “G” and “H” keys on your keyboard in order to make Leo race down the red carpet to beat Matt Damon from The Martian and Eddie Redmayne from The Danish Girl to the award. Between runs, you’ll help Leo reach new levels of acting prowess, overcome quaalude overdoses a la Wolf of Wall Street, and work to “find the Black nominee” among a crowd of white actors.

After a bit, the game gets stupidly hard, with photographers filling the red carpet, basically every other big-name actor racing you, and Lady Gaga showing up to body check you out of the running. You’ll have new respect for DiCaprio and his craft by the time you’re finished tapping.

Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage is playable in your browser right now at if you’re looking to waste some time.

Via The Hollywood Reporter