The Amazon Echo is my favorite innovation of the last 30 years, because I can’t tell any of the other high-tech products sitting in my house to order an Uber or ask them to play Seinfeld trivia with me, can I? No, I cannot. Plus, when my wife’s away and my dog won’t respond because he is a dog, Alexa is always there to talk to me. I like to think I’m always there to talk to her, too.

All this time, however, Alexa presumably didn’t know what I looked like. Until now. Amazon just introduced the Echo Look, which is an Alexa-powered, hands-free camera that snaps photos of you and and gives you fashion advice, for some reason. It is weird and probably unnecessary, but appreciated all the same.

Here’s how it works: Using just your voice, you can tell Alexa to take full-length photos and short videos, and then you can see how good you look from every angle on the accompanying app on your phone. The device also has built-in LED lighting, a depth-sensing camera, and computer vision-based background blur, which means you’ll look a lot better in the resulting photos than in your usual low-lit selfies.

But just in case you don’t trust your own judgment, you can run your photos through Style Check, which combines machine-learning algorithms with advice from fashion specialists. I will probably use this feature once and forget about it.

The Echo Look—which should really use my slogan, “It’s a mirror, but cooler”—is available on Amazon soon, but exclusively by invitation. Good luck.