The Dark Souls games are known for their ridiculous boss fights, in which massive enemies use ludicrously powerful attacks to wipe the floor with players over and over again. Eventually, through sheer determination, players build up the skills to defeat them, but for a while there, it always seems daunting and horrible.

Playstation Access’s video above delves specifically into some of the bosses players will face early on in the upcoming Dark Souls 3. And even though they’re some of the first bosses players will come across, these look pretty insane.

There’s a guy who gets overtaken by ashy corruption, an armored dog, some kind of fire demon and a corrupted tree-thing that seems like it might be about to give birth to something more awful. Dark Souls bosses have always been pretty horrific, but it seems like Dark Souls 3 is going for a new level of “nope” when it hits shelves at the end of the month.