Sure, Apple’s upcoming headquarters Apple Park is an impressive feat of technology and architecture. But Google, never to be outdone, just released details about their own upcoming Silicon Valley headquarters.

Set to be built near the existing Googleplex, a giant canopy that will be capable of regulating climate, air quality and sound indoors is set to be built and completed within 30 months. The new building will be a 2-level, 595,000 square-foot office building. While they will need to remove 160 trees, they are including atriums and other re-planting projects as part of the build.

Not only will they be saving trees, but they also say that the new complex will be a “destination for the local community,” meaning that the ground level will be open to the public with a pedestrian walkway, restaurants and shops. It’s also surrounded by green spaces called the “Green Loop.”

The second floor will house Googlers in “highly flexible and reconfigurable” spaces.

Apple’s almost-finished headquarters is also eco-friendly and includes spaces for local residents and tourists. Apple also claims that Apple Park will not need air conditioning or heating for most of the year. There’s no word, at least as of yet, as to what the new Google facility will require in terms of energy, but their silence on the matter is pretty telling, at least as of now.

The announcement comes after Google’s plans for the new building hit a roadblock after business-networking company LinkedIn won the rights to nearby real estate for a complex of their own. The two companies made nice in a land swap last July, allowing Google to move ahead with the newly announced building.