Saturday Night Live is back in a few weeks, and though we can’t predict every move the show will make over the course of its 41st season, we all know that Donald Trump sketches are absolutely inevitable. So, with that in mind, we all know that one noble castmember had to step forward and take on the Trump persona.

In the past, The Donald has been portrayed by Darrell Hammond (quite possibly the greatest impressionist to ever grace the SNL stage, who’s now the show’s announcer) and Jason Sudeikis (who left the show for a budding movie career), but who will fill his shoes now? Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s new Trump is five-year veteran Taran Killam, who’s known for his impressions of Piers Morgan and Christoph Waltz, and characters like critic Jebediah Atkinson. Aside from Kate McKinnon (who may well be the Most Valuable Player among the cast right now), Killam may be the show’s best impressionist, so it makes sense that he’s been handed this role. Now, we just have to see what SNL’s writers make of his take on The Donald.

Saturday Night Live premieres October 3 on NBC. In the meantime, here’s Killam playing Tony Stark in an Avengers sketch.