For some reason, execs at Nickelodeon have seemingly only just realized that there’s a lot of money in ‘90s nostalgia. Whatever their strategy is, we don’t really care except it means that we’re going to be getting more Hey Arnold!.

You read that right. Your favorite animated character with a lozenge-shaped head is returning to the small screen, in the form of a TV movie. Not a lot of information is available, except that the storyline will revolve around our burning, unanswered Hey Arnold! questions, like what actually happened to the perpetual fourth-grader’s parents. No word on whether they’ll explain how his head got to look that way.

The Nickelodeon higher-ups also remain mum about when exactly we can expect the Hey Arnold! revival. If it’s a success, let’s hope we’ll be seeing more of The Wild Thornberrys and Rocket Power.

And while we’re placing formal requests: more Stick Stickly, please.

H/T Variety