You can jam marijuana into just about anything these days, from Keurig cups to vodka to Nutella. So sure, why not try your own personal pot pizza?

Ermont Inc., a medical marijuana dispensary in Massachusetts, has begun offering thin-crust pizzas infused with cannabis at local bars. The 6-inch pizza packs about 125 milligrams of THC in its tomato sauce—a medium-sized marijuana dose, according to the dispensary’s operations manager Seth Yaffe in an interview with TIME. Yaffe calls the pie “herby, gooey and crispy,” which are three great criteria points for weed enthusiasts.

Ermont trades in creating savory edibles, unlike the sugary sweet options that so many competitors offer. The dispensary’s other foods include weed-infused quiche and vegan mayonnaise, which doesn’t sound super appealing to be honest, but hey, why not? “We found that patients wanted a food item that they would eat during a normal day,” Yaffe told TIME, so “we wanted to do something that could be considered a full meal.”

Although recreational marijuana use is legal in Massachusetts, you’ll need a medical marijuana ID card to buy the frozen pizzas, which help patients manage chronic pain and side effects from chemotherapy, among other ailments, according to Ermont.