I guess the demand for Peace Studies majors has really fallen off in recent years. At least that’s what this map from SmartAssets.com seems to indicate. It breaks down the highest paying college majors for all 50 states (and the District of Columbia).

Did your major make the list? (Spoiler Alert - If your degree doesn’t involve a hard science, probably not! - End Spoiler Alert)

Via [Smart Assets](https://smartasset.com/).

Via Smart Assets.

For most of the country, medical degrees are the most lucrative (when combined, Pre-Med and Pre-Pharma are number one in 26 states). This isn’t exactly shocking, considering everyone will eventually get sick and die or get old and die. That creates quite a demand!

Chemistry leads the way in six states, while Zoology is number one in five. Petroleum Engineering brings home the most bacon in four states (predictably, Texas and Alaska are among them.). And I’m not going to bother with listing the rest. Just look at the damn map. That’s why it’s there.

The only “soft science” major to make the list is Economics, and it is confined to Washington, D.C., and Connecticut. This is mainly due to the large number of economists employed by the federal government.

According to USA Today, business administration and general psychology degrees are currently the most popular majors, respectively. Notice that neither of those degrees are on the list? If you need an explanation as to why that’s the case, contact one of those Economics majors I previously mentioned.

(Source: Smart Assets, H/T: BroBibile)