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Exit Clear

27 Absolutely Perfect Online Comebacks

27 Absolutely Perfect Online Comebacks:

With the way the Internet is today, you can expect to get burned at least once on social media. Especially if you’re posting meaningless quotes, tweeting mean things at celebrities and writing about people you don’t think will ever see what you’re saying. These 27 people learned the hard way—prepare to laugh and cringe at the same time.

Ultimate franchise burn

1 for team Frankie

And 1 for team Albright


Zach Braff delivering the burns

At least someone said it

You go Mrs. Johanson

Not even Aldi wants you

Bible burn

-1 for team Brown

Anderson Cooper delivering the heat

Question answered

She probably changed her profile pic after this

Gotta know your nouns

Stephen Hawking just laid it down

Shouldn’t have let her finish that sentence

Should’ve seen that one coming

That’ll teach you to post quotes on social media

Grammar police


People never forget

This burn backfired

It’s true

How do you even respond back to that?

Sorry, America

Pizza vs fish…

Tom Anderson coming in hot

Playboy Social

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