Zac Efron and a couple of partying frat boys have nothing on these terrible street-sharers. You’ll wish for a few beer cans and loud music after reading what’s below. Here are just a few of the worst neighbor experiences as told by Reddit.

1. Fall Fury

Cop here. I went to a disturbance call where two neighbors were blowing leaves at each other with leaf blowers. They were actually mad while doing this.

2. She really hated the Sopranos finale

My neighbor cut the Cable with her garden sheers. She wouldn’t let the cable company in to repair it. So her house, my house and about 6 others had no TV, Phone or Internet for 8 days.

3. That’s excessive

Ten Chihuahuas.

4. Good call

Had a knife fight in front of our house. We decided to move after that.

5. Sounds like an epic Cannonball

My neighbors call the police on me if I jump into my pool. Apparently, the sound of water is enough to get them annoyed.

6. Sounds like an exhausting existence

I live in a two-story apartment complex, and I’m on the second floor. Nobody lived downstairs for the first 4 months I was there, and it was great. Then Lisa moved in. I know her name is Lisa because she talks non-fucking stop. She is on the phone screaming constantly. She was moved here from NYC because the dude she’s banging is sick of driving from his place in Philly up to NYC. Mind you, this guy is married with 3 kids. Again, I know all this because I hear everything through the floor. He stops by twice a day, at 6 pm and 4 am. And they have the loudest sex possible. Then he leaves. Then she calls someone and screams until she falls asleep.

7. What kind of weird owns an axe?

My neighbor tried to kill my dog with an axe in front of me.

8. If the sign’s true, this neighbor should watch their back

The sign my neighbor posted not days after my Father’s weeklong agonizing death of lung cancer. It says “Karma’s A Bitch.”

9. At least you know where they live

Superstorm Sandy flooded my house with 2 feet of water. My front door wouldn’t close because it had swelled from being immersed in water. My neighbors cleaned my house out. They took everything I own. They even went through my attic. They ripped my pjpes out of the wall. They stole my oven, my sink, my furnace, my water heater, my refrigerator, my pavers, my car, my boat, my sports autograph collection with signatures from Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle, my guns, but as expected they never even touched my book collection. Back to what they took: my guitars, my video games, my tv, my sleeping bag, my computer, and my coin collection.

10. Why else would people housesit?

We gave our neighbors a set of keys to our house just in case of any emergencies, or if there was something we needed while away on vacation. We frequently went out of town, and my dad would go on short weekend business trips on which my mom and I would accompany him. Every time we came back, there were always subtle changes in the house, but too small to really question. Like missing condiments, not as much toilet paper on the roll, mats/rugs seemed straighter and cleaner than when we left, etc. About two months later, our family came home from our trip a day and a half earlier. We pull up to our house, and first of all, see a bunch of cars in our driveways, hear the pool and jacuzzi pumps running, and see all the lights on. We go inside only to find our neighbors throwing a dinner party of some sort with a giant mess in the kitchen, every plate, glass, and piece of silverware we owned scattered about the house, wine and liquor bottles lining the counter, a slew of people in our pool and jacuzzi, and worst of all, one of our boats missing from the dock and lifts, and the other one filled with people leaving our harbor… It turns out that for two months, they had been using our house on the weekends. We even found loads of their laundry in our washer & dryer.

11. Is their neighbor Rafi from The League?

Mounts voodoo/pagan masks on every surface of the wall of his residence that faces my house, with bright red LEDs in the eye sockets. Tries to raise farm birds (chickens, ducks, & etc…) every few years, leaves them to starve and roam free everywhere in the neighborhood. Spends his nights cranked out and peering into everyone’s windows and yards from his windows or porch with his infrared goggles. Occasionally leaves notes like "nice movie you were watching in your living room last night” on the mailboxes.

12. What rhymes with witch and lives next door?

The little old lady across the street from me growing up was awful. Her evil dog bit people but because her son was a cop it was never put down. She would walk down the street in just panties yelling at the mailman to ring her doorbell no matter what was being delivered. She sat naked at the window and enjoyed traumatizing the poor man. She “befriended” my people-pleasing mother who felt bad for her. And then she would come over when my parents weren’t there. She would then steal and threaten to whoop us. When her dog finally died her son arrested my older brothers. Why? Because she swore she saw them dump rat poison in its dish. A full doggy autopsy revealed the dog died because it was 15 and had doggy cancer. And the kicker, when my baby sister was about 5 she told her, in front of me and my siblings, that she should die because the night she was born was the night her husband died. She then referred to her as soul stealer for several years.