What would we do without Wikipedia? It is a one-stop shop for all your inane questions and a great way to waste time at work. Want to know if Michelle Pfeiffer ever dated Al Pacino? Or what day the Civil War ended? Or are you looking for a comprehensive list of every JFK assassination conspiracy? All those questions can be answered on Wikipedia! But just because it’s on Wikipedia does not make it so. Here’s some of the best edits that made it on everyone’s favorite online encyclopedia.

1. I thought I saw him in Jurassic Park

2. Soon he’ll just be an old man screaming, “Whose line is it anyway?”

3. Wait until you see the entry for onomatopoeia

4. Now we know why she always plays the good girl

5. Did the lawyers require this edit?

6. There’s only one?

7. Captain Phillips is not hip enough for this crew

8. The US Army page is just a picture of Sylvester Stallone petting a bald eagle

9. There actually isn’t a mistake in this one

10. But what if you don’t look directly at it?