I’ll admit it; I have a crush on Hilary Duff. This isn’t breaking news, either. This has been the case for well over a decade. I don’t feel like a creep saying it, since she’s almost a year older than me, but I’ve had a thing for her since I was a kid watching Lizzie McGuire. Yeah, that’s right; I’ve watched The Lizzie McGuire movie dozens of times. Ah, it feels so good to finally admit that and get it out of my system. I’m free!

Love @shape_magazine and was so honored to be on the cover! It’s the May issue! Go pick it up this Tuesday! 🌸

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As you can probably assume, I was very pleased (as you should be too) to learn that Hilary was the cover model on the May issue of Shape Magazine. The actress/singer/beauty/wife/mom shared the great news via her Instagram account a couple of days ago, but now photos have surfaced from the shoot. The mother of one has definitely still got it, check it out: