Texting changed how we communicate. If you want to talk to someone on the other side of the world, phone calls are no longer required. With a few crisp button strokes, you could do in a couple seconds what used to take FULL MINUTES. But what if texting had been around since the dawn of time? What differences would we be seeing in the timeline of the world? Here are a few events that may have turned out quite differently if the parties involved had iPhones.

1) The Moon Landing

2) The Berlin Wall

3) The Invention of the Telephone

4) Columbus Lands In America

5) The Zodiac Killer

6) The Midnight Ride

7) John Wilkes Booth

8) The Underground Railroad

9) Helen Keller

10) John F. Kennedy

11) Alexander Pope

12) The Ten Commandments

Rob is a writer and comedian based in Louisville, KY. Follow @robfee on Twitter.