Compiled over weeks of word-of-mouth polling in dangerous places by Daniel C. Britt, Icelandic music geek; and Ahmed Zaidan, a former rebel fighter and virtuoso Syrian guitar God.

Top 5 Revolutionary Songs

1. Jaana, Jaana, Jaana, Our Country is Heaven by Abdul al-Baset Saroot
Chorus: Heaven, heaven, heaven, our country is heaven.

2. Take Me to Homsby by Abu Malik al-Homwee
Chorus: Take me to Homs take me, my eyes are crying tear for our young Martyrs.

3. Scabah by Wasfi Masarani
Chorus: Scabah tears in my eyes, scabah tears for the martyrs of Syria and its young people.

4. To Bashar: What a Disgrace by Sameh Schaker
This was the first song of the Syrian Revolutionary movement.
Chorus: Check up on our story, we were killed by the hands of our brothers.

5. My Blood in My Hands (Artist Unknown)
Chorus: I am going to protest with my blood in my hands.

4 Disturbing Jihadi Hits

1. We Will Stay (Artist Unknown)
Chorus: We will stay here until the pain goes away.

2. They Made a Promise (Artist Unknown)
Chorus: The Assad Fighters made promise then we came and killed them all.

3. I Chose My Way (Artist Unknown)
Chorus: I chose my way. I’m not coming back, I’m not coming back, I’m going to the lion’s den.

This last one is a straight-up al-Qaeda jam:

4. Where Are Our Days? (Artist Unknown)
Chorus: Alawites be patient, we are coming to slaughter you.