Developer IO Interactive’s plan for its latest Hitman game is interesting: release the game in short, episodic bursts, and throw in quick little bits of content in between episodes. We got Episode 2 of Hitman last month, and one of the first bits of cool new content, an “Elusive Target,” is coming this weekend.

The gist of the Elusive Target is that, for a set period of time, players have a chance to execute a particularly tough hit on an in-game character. The character appears in the game for a short amount of time—only 48 hours, starting at 9 a.m. PDT today—and you only get one crack at him. If you fail or die in the attempt, the target is gone, and you can’t replay the mission.

There’s also very little information about your target, an art forger called Sergei Larin whose wife wants him eliminated. Unlike targets in the regular missions, Larin isn’t marked on your display, so you’ll have to find him in the level by careful investigation. You’ll also need to spend lots of time planning your hit, since you only get one attempt at taking Larin down and saving is disabled during the mission.

You can read all about the Elusive Target on IO’s blog, which also details a few new tidbits of content hitting Hitman this week. Cool as they sound, they pale in comparison to something coming later this month: the chance to assassinate (or be killed by) actor Gary Busey.