After breaking everyone’s hearts in last season’s finale of Game of Thrones, Kristian Nairn decided to warm a few in an interview with the Belfast Telegraph. Nairn talked about how disappointed he was about Northern Ireland’s inability to pass gay marriage reforms and called it “a disgrace.” He said he feels it is far less complex than the issues people should concern themselves with.

“I really don’t understand why we’re the only little enclave of the country that can’t do it, I hope that we can come into line with the rest of Europe and the rest of the United Kingdom and Ireland. There’s so much other horrible shit happening in the world at the minute, I think it’s the least of their worries. I think we need to get it sorted out as soon as possible.”

It seems Hodor has little faith in the current politicians of Northern Ireland to allow legislation to prevail. He told the interviewer, “Of course I have had thoughts about going into politics. I certainly don’t mean now, definitely not, but in the future who knows?“

As to when this future may be realized, there’s not too much specificity beyond "not now.” Nairn concluded the interview by refering to one of the most crucial aspects of American democracy—the separation of church and state.

“I saw what religion did to people when I grew up and I certainly didn’t want any part of it. That turned me off it…So I am a big advocate for completely separating Church and State. I don’t think it has any business in political decisions.”

So a lumbering giant with a progressive platform of equality for those who are different? If the future is the next room and the door of opportunity to that reality is ajar, to that possibility there is but one response. “Hold the door.”