While most of us will be receiving incredible presents this holiday, our collective livers will be taking a beating. Whether it’s eggnog on Christmas Eve or champagne on New Year’s Eve, there are no shortage of opportunities to fill our glasses with various libations. Trevor Schneider, national brand ambassador for Reyka Vodka, offers up four tips to ensure that this holiday season isn’t your last.

1. Easy On The Eggnog
Yes, Eggnog is one of the most popular drinks of the holiday season, and it is delicious. But, Eggnog can also be deadly when it comes to calories. Don’t be fooled, Eggnog can actually pack an entire day’s worth of calories into a single cocktail glass. Now you know.

2. Don’t Walk Into The Party Hungry
There’s nothing worse then the guy at the Holiday Party who heads straight to the buffet. I always try and eat a little something before I arrive, so that I’m not trying to stuff my face 20 minutes into the party. Also - we always know what happens to the person who skips dinner before a big night of drinking. Let’s just say, that’s not pretty either.

3. Stay Hydrated
If you want to drink like a pro, be smart about it. Typically, I’ll drink a glass of water in-between each cocktail so that I’m staying hydrated and still enjoying the night.

4. Drink Quality Booze In Quality Cocktails
With all the eggnog (only one!), decorated cookies, and seasonal treats, it’s easy to get carried away - but when it comes to your cocktails, keep it simple and your spirits pure. Reyka Vodka is the first vodka from Iceland and it’s know for it’s super smooth and pure taste, a result of the Icelandic glacier water and lava rocks from which it’s distilled. Using a high quality spirit and going with a cocktail lower in sugar, will help you feel better in the morning and help avoid the inevitable holiday hangover.



Schneider also offers his take on the Moscow Mule (named the “Reykjavik Mule” after Reyka’s Icelandic origins), which he says is both “super easy to make and a real crowd pleaser.”

Reykjavik Mule
1 part Reyka Vodka
2 parts Ginger Beer
Wedge of grapefruit

In a glass and over ice, Mix the Reyka and ginger beer. Stir until cold. Top with a wedge of grapefruit.