Check your “hair privilege,” Hollywood.

That’s the message YouTube user DarkAntics has for the entertainment industry as well as society as a whole.

“I’m bald, therefore I’m evil or somehow damaged,” he said at the start of his 17-minute rant. “This notion has seeped into every pore of our media.”

DarkAntics then goes on to list a seemingly endless parade of bald villains from film and television and explains how such depictions have negatively impacted the lives of the bald community.

I fully expect you to sit there, blind to your hair privilege, and not have any understanding of how this pervasive negative portrayal of bald people has affected your bias.

At this point you’re probably asking yourself if this guy is for real. And sadly, if you’ve spent any time at all on the Internet, it’s difficult to tell.

But toward the end of the video, it becomes clear that DarkAntics is just a funny guy whose satire game is strong.

Because haired people have power plus privilege, it’s perfectly acceptable for me to treat them exactly the way I hate to be treated. I call it the “reverse golden rule.” As a haired person, you should just blindly accept the way I’ve lumped you into a highly generalized grouping, as if all haired people are of a giant hive mind, all thinking and acting alike. Now it’s not OK when you do the same to me, however. Nor is this a hypocritical double standard because… of … the power dynamic between us [audible snickering]…

Everybody who has ever treated me in a shitty way did so not because of any fault of my own… no, their shityness was intentional and they specifically did it because I’m bald. I take no responsibility for being an asshole, or for jumping to conclusions.

Of course, if that’s not enough to tell you it’s all a joke, here’s what’s written underneath the video.

This is a satire about how professional victims and offense takers critique art.

Well-played, cue ball. Well-played.

(Source: The Independent)