The government now seems to be infringing on the rights of holograms as well as people. On Saturday night, within minutes of starting, police shut down a performance of rapper Chief Keef, there via on-stage hologram.

Keef worked with LA-based Hologram USA to beam his performance from a California soundstage to Craze Fest, a daylong hip-hop festival, at Wolf Lake Pavillion in Hammond, Ind. The rapper has a good number of outstanding warrants in the Midwest and figured it wasn’t the best time or place to show up in full.

What makes this more of an incident is that it’s actually the second time legal trouble has befallen Keef and the event’s organizers, who tried to sell tickets while keeping the event as unpublicized as they could.

Originally planned as a benefit last week for a toddler and Keef’s friend and fellow rapper Capo, both killed in a Chicago drive-by earlier this month, the concert was canceled due to City Hall laying harsh pressure on Pilsen’s Redmoon Theater under the guise of posing “a significant public safety risk.”

This second time around, Keef got his chance, but was mid-speech about putting a stop to violence when the plug was pulled and all went dark. Cops then rushed the stage with flashlights demanding everyone go home.

From what attendees have said, the 6-plus hours of performances before Keef’s were peaceful.

“There was no violence. It was the police who did this,” said attendee Stefanae Coleman. “Everyone was happy.”

“They just waited for Chief Keef, and that’s what irks me,” she continued. “[The police] do this, then they get mad that we’re mad. It’s disrespectful to us.”