Sometimes beer nerds go too far, like holding conversations hostage with discussions about hoppiness and rare Japanese imports. Sometimes though, they do amazing things, like the designers of the $379 Growler Chill household countertop tap did.

Launched via Kickstarter (and already fully funded, so this thing is happening), the Growler Chill is a three-tap countertop beauty of an appliance that works with beer growlers to not just keep the beer cold and serve it up, but also keep it carbonated and oxygen-free.

As the designers explain on their Kickstarter page, beer likes to be cold, be kept in the dark, stay cold and be protected from oxygen. They claim that the Growler Chill does all of these in several innovative (and ultimately delicious) ways.

The Growler Chill has its own refrigeration unit, and it’s adjustable from 38-degrees to 54-degrees F. They also say it’s very energy-efficient due to excellent insulation. Because it’s completely closed, it keeps your beer in the dark, avoiding any unwanted changes in flavor or premature aging. Speaking of aging, the tap also keeps your growlers free from oxygen with what they call their patented “Virginator”, which purges oxygen in the headspace of the growler during installation. On top of that, the Growler also uses an internal 90-gram CO2 cartridge to keep your beer bubbly and lovely. You can even install an external CO2 source if that’s your thing.

It will even pair with your smartphone for remote operation, information about how much beer is left, and even a history of the beers you’ve had.

So if you’re like us, you probably live near a great local bar that serves up growlers of your area’s best brew. If you’re also like us, you’ve let a growler go bad because, well, sometimes there’s only so much time in the day. The Growler Chill could be the answer we’ve all been looking for.