Ever been in a relationship that has just started and Valentine’s Day is coming up? You want to send a message of compassion, but you also would want to make it “totally weird.” Hallmark cards tend to be a little strongly phrased, so these realistic Valentine’s day cards by writer and illustrator Emily Mcdowell are far superior.

Emily Mcdowell, co-author of the new book There Is No Good Card For This specializes in cards that actually deal in human reality, rather than romantic grandiosity. She also makes empathy cards for the cruel things that fate can dole out, like cancer, along with honest Valentine’s Day cards.

Each card contains a message of such honest cuteness, you are guaranteed to get a legitimate smile from your partner. As anyone who has actually been in a relationship knows, it’s usually a messy but endearing roller-coaster that can’t always be summed up in a traditional grocery store card. Here are some of our personal favorites:

It’s a whole hell of a lot more interesting than getting a card that says “MY LOVE FOR YOU IS BEYOND MEASURE” even when you almost break up over a fight over what to watch on Netflix. Have fun getting lost in trying to figure out which card to get on her website.