After much pleading, and just in time for the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (read our review here), Screen Junkies has released an Honest Trailer for the most beloved of all Star Wars movies, The Empire Strikes Back. The takeaway: It can’t quite bring itself to be mean about a movie it clearly loves.

Calling it “a sequel so dark, it’s become the lazy shorthand for any time a franchise turns even slightly to the dark side,” the Honest Trailer struggles to find problems with the second Star Wars, although it tries hard. Perhaps too hard—did anyone really need another “Oh look, it’s Leia kissing her brother” joke? Really, though, the video is more a love letter to Empire, and that’s a good thing.

For those who don’t get the joke when it calls Yoda the “Run Run Run Jump I Can Be Your Backpack While You Run” guy, refresh your memory here.

Is it too early to ask for a Rogue One Honest Trailer, or at least a Bad Lip Reading?