Hey, Capcom: we need a slick remake of Resident Evil 2 already. Hell, you don’t even have to do anything. Just let this fan version see the light of day.

It’s called Resident Evil 2: Reborn and it makes over the Playstation classic survival-horror game with the gorgeous realistic graphics of Unreal Engine 4. Italian indie studio InvaderGames is responsible for Reborn, and means to release it free later this summer with a whole host of new features.

Of course, more than likely Capcom will open its gaping corporate jaws and tear the throat out of Reborn like an angry zombie, rather than let it escape onto players’ PCs. After all, the publisher recently sold a million copies of the GameCube version of Resident Evil after applying a little HD varnish and re-releasing it, and it’s talking about doing the same thing with prequel Resident Evil Zero. But that doesn’t mean we can entertain dreams (or nightmares) of a new version of Resident Evil 2 in the meantime.

Via Kotaku