It’s difficult enough to pick a movie for date night that you both like, but when one of you enjoys scary movies and the other one isn’t, it’s nearly impossible. So what do you do? You can either just not watch any other scary movies, or you can find ones that work for the both of you. You need ones that are scary, but not to the point of wrecking your life and giving you nightmares for the next month. Here are 12 movies that’ll totally work for you guys.

Trick ‘r Treat may be the perfect date night horror movie. That’s not to say that it isn’t scary, or even gory, but somehow it finds a way to make all those elements enjoyable to even the most casual fan. On paper it sounds like it would be absolutely horrifying, but you’ve never seen a chubby child get poisoned and buried alive in a more whimsical way.

If your date isn’t big on monsters, demons, and ghosts, but doesn’t mind a little suspense and horror, Devon Sawa has just the movie for you. It’s a little dated, which will make it a little less terrifying. Plus Seann William Scott plays a nerd that gets decapitated. Did anyone else just realize he spells his name Seann? Is it pronounced Sea-Ann? Maybe you shouldn’t watch this movie after all.

The advertising for The Visit makes it look absolutely terrifying, and while there are some scary scares here and there, it’s actually a fun movie that mixes in enough laughs to keep you from ever getting too creeped out.

Remaking classic horror movies rarely works out, but remaking classic cult horror movies is usually a great way to leave everyone disappointed. Fright Night found a way to appease fans of the original and make it appealing to new viewers. Having Colin Farrell as the evil vampire keeps it from ever getting too scary, so you guys can finally watch a vampire movie that doesn’t feature a song from The Shins in it!

If Scream was a little too much on your last movie night, Urban Legend may be a better fit because, well, it’s absolutely ridiculous in every way. It’s campy and fun with one of the most ridiculous twist endings you’ll ever see. If it ends up being your type of movie then you’re set for quite a while because there are multiple sequels, each one more ridiculous than the last.

There are some genuinely frightening moments in Joy Ride, but it’s impossible to stay scared when Paul Walker continually does a terrible impression of a woman’s sexy voice into a CB radio. The casting is perfect to make sure you’re startled, but never get so scared you’re not enjoying it. You can definitely avoid the sequels, though.

A guy gets a phone call offering him money for doing small dares. Eventually the dares get bigger and bigger until he realizes he’s in a hellish nightmare. If you watch this one and enjoy it, you should definitely check out Cheap Thrills. It’s similar, but feels much more personal and intimate.

You’re going to get the story of pretty much every other slasher movie that’s ever existed, so just know that going into it. The difference is that the writing is fun and snarky enough to make it feel more like a satire than an actual horror movie. By no means is it going to be your new favorite movie to watch together, but you could do a lot worse.

The original Swedish version, Let The Right One In, is a masterpiece, but trying to introduce a non-horror fan to an artsy foreign film might be a little much. Thankfully this is one American remake that isn’t garbage and feels almost as good as the original. It’s definitely more eerie and atmospheric than straight up scary, but that’s certainly not a bad thing. Everyone should see this movie.

This will either go over extremely well or completely terrible. Slither is an over the top sci-fi horror movie about these worms that take over human’s bodies in a small town in the middle of nowhere. It’s hilarious and gross, which will either be something your non-horror partner adores or pisses them off so bad they’ll immediately leave the room. Good luck!

You’re Next has plenty of suspense and scares, but unlike something along the lines of The Strangers, it let’s you get to know everyone involved so you’re not horrified by the thought of random, anonymous psychopaths coming to your home in the middle of the night and murdering you.

The great thing about Tucker and Dale vs Evil is that it’s a horror movie disguised as a comedy, so before you know it, your significant other who swore she’d never watch a horror movie is suddenly laughing out loud at a guy flying into a wood chipper or a teenager getting impaled. What a world!