The Game Awards host Geoff Keighley threw some shade at Metal Gear Solid V publisher Konami after the company reportedly blocked series creator Hideo Kojima from accepting an award for the game.

Things have been weird between Konami and Kojima since long before the release of the game, when Konami took the creator’s name off the box. The Los Angeles branch of his studio, Konami subsidiary Kojima Productions, was shut down earlier this year, and Konami has claimed Kojima has been “on vacation” since then. Even though MGS V won Best Action/Adventure Game during the show, Kiefer Sutherland, who voices protagonist Snake in the game, accepted the award on Kojima’s behalf.

Keighley gave what seemed like an off-the-cuff explanation of why Kojima wasn’t present, explaining that Kojima was watching from Tokyo, but a Konami lawyer told him he wasn’t allowed to accept the award in person. Kojima is still under an employment contract with Konami apparently.

Keighley’s announcement kicked up quite a bit of Konami hate on the internet—more than usual, anyway. Konami still owns the Metal Gear Solid name and seems like it may continue to make games in the series, but without Kojima attached. And fans may jump ship on the series just like Kojima has.