A short while ago, I wrote about the hot gamer LegendaryLea who accidentally flashed the camera on Twitch. Well, hot girls flashing the camera on Twitch seems to be a trend lately, because we’ve got another case!

This time, it was Kaitwan13 who made the innocent mistake. Apparently she forgot her webcam was still on, and suddenly, there was boobs! Here’s the censored video:

I’m not sure why everyone was so upset about something so awesome. I mean, just look at this girl. How could you be upset about her flashing the camera?

Regardless, Kaitwan13 has apologized for her behavior. The guy in question, Twitch gamer Geniefan, has accepted her apology but isn’t interested in being friends anymore. I really think he should re-consider, though.

If you REALLY want to see the original NSFW video, it can be found here.

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