The word “phenom” gets thrown around a bit too easily these days. Every kid who scores 20 points in a rec league basketball game is suddenly a phenom. No, he’s not. He’s slightly above average at best. Phenom is a title reserved for the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Serena Williams, Steph Curry, and Michelle Roque.

Oh, what’s that? You’ve never heard of Michelle Roque? Well, you’re about to be blown away by one of the most impressive highlight packages you’ll ever see. She plays quarterback at Florida State Univeristy, in flag-football. Before you dismiss her for flag football, you really need to watch this highlight tape. It’s astounding. If I had to give her a pro player comparison, she’s like a mix of Michael Vick in Madden 2004 and Bar Refaeli. I, for one, can’t wait until the Cleveland Browns to reach out to her.

Definitely better than Tebow.

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