Three men were arrested recently after a hot tub threesome turned into a fight over which of the two escorts present was paid a higher fee.

The men—Michael Gordon, 33, Douglas Tench, 21, and Austin Adams, 18—met at a gay night club and decided to use a hot tub at a home where Gordon was dog-sitting, according to The Smoking Gun.

The Smoking Gun

The Smoking Gun

Things started out nicely enough, with some kissing and touching, but the sexy times turned violent when Tench claimed he was paid more for his services. Adams did not take kindly to this assertion, and punched and kicked Tench.

Gordon separated Adams and Tench, who ran to another house to get a hold of authorities. (It is unclear if Tench was running around naked or clothed.)

Adams was charged with simple assault, while Tench and Gordon were issued summonses for providing alcohol to a minor.