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Watching Six Hot Women in Lingerie Smash Cake All Over Themselves is Oddly Fascinating

The main takeaway from Mad Man is that sex sells. Or maybe it’s about embracing your inner self and not letting external pressures define who you are. But that’s a lot less interesting than sex.

One brand that knows sex sells is Cake Nightclub. Cake is located in San Diego and Scottsdale, Arizona that focuses on providing “artistic, service-oriented style of nightlife to new markets while rolling out never-before-seen, cutting-edge technologies.” To promote their brand, Cake released a video of six lingerie models, including Playmates Crystal McCahill and Alana Campos, smushing cake all over their bodies. Take a look:

I’ve never been to Cake Nightclub, so I cannot vouch for whether or not you’ll be assaulted with several slices of cake upon entering. But the nightclub does feature a lot of beautiful women, whom they call “Cake Dolls.”

Blond of brunette? What’s your favorite type of Cake Doll 👑 #cakenightclub #sandiego #scottsdale

A photo posted by Cake Dolls (@cakedolls) on

San Diego Cake Dolls before the madness of last night @cakesandiego #CakeNightclub #SanDiego #CakeDolls

A photo posted by Cake Dolls (@cakedolls) on

So that’s a definite yes on the beautiful women and a maybe on the cake. We’re in!

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