“The American people don’t know what’s best for them. I do.”

The trailer for the fifth season for Netflix’s House of Cards will make you feel worse about U.S. politics than you already do. To wit: Kevin Spacey’s President Frank Underwood spends the trailer against the people who put him in office.

Set against scenes that mix real-world inspiration — we see you, “Never Underwood” protesters — and over-the-top action scenes, with gunmen moving through forests and people being rushed to cars, Underwood lays out his plan for America’s future. That plan sounds quite a bit like both side of the political spectrum’s worst fears about dynastic politics. “Lucky for [the U.S.], they have me,” he says in a low voice, addressing his wife. “They have you. Underwood 2016. 2020. 2024. 2028. 2032. 2036. One nation Underwood.”

The new season of the show, playing to your darkest fantasies about how Washington works, returns May 30.