With The Walking Dead dominating the television airwaves, Americans are freaking out about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse more than ever. And while most people are stockpiling on water or canned food or children named Carl, someone decided to build a home that can withstand a zombie apocalypse. And it looks like it would probably work.

Here’s the blueprints for this insane house:

The house actually exists and is on the market in Adirondack State Park in New York, with a price tag of $1.75 million. The house above ground is 2,500 square feet, with 2,300 more underground. There’s also a runway, in case all else fails and you need to fly away.

It was built on top of a Cold War-era missile silo, so the underground part of the home is where the control center for the missiles used to be. (Missiles unfortunately not included.)

The home has 10-foot tall ceilings and lights that simulate daylight.

Spiral staircases will probably prevent the zombie horde from coming at you all at once.

A closer view of the runway.

Inside the below ground portion of the house. It would certainly be a luxurious zombie apocalypse.

It also has its own air supply and is sound proof. So you can blast as many zombie heads as you want and won’t attract anymore.

Here’s a look at the tunnel to the missile silo.

And here’s the inside. This could actually be a setting of The Walking Dead.

With these views, you could see any undead creatures coming for miles away.

Ok, where would the zombies even come from?

Here’s a look at the upstairs part of the house.

And here’s the whole plan for the house.

At $1.75 million, you might think that’s pretty expensive. But can you really put a price on surviving the End Times?

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for Playboy.com. He can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.