You know what’s great? Summer time.

You know what’s great about summer time? Pool parties.

You know what makes a pool party great? Girls in bikinis.

You know who looks great in bikinis? NFL cheerleaders.

It’s true, I can’t think of anything on this planet that beats a fun, sexy pool party with a bunch of NFL cheerleaders in bikinis. That’s why this video of the Houston Texans cheer squad having themselves a blast by the pool makes me so incredibly jealous that I wasn’t there.

Every week, the Houston Texans Cheerleaders like to turn on the cameras and film themselves having a little bit of fun for their fans. “Fun” is a very fair word for what’s happening in this video. It looks like A LOT of fun, if you ask me. I’m curious to see what sort of FUN they get into next week. Hey ladies, I hear Jell-O Wrestling is a blast! Call me if you need a referee!

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