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How a Game Where You Build Furniture With No Instructions Came to Be

If you’ve ever tried to assemble an item of Scandinavian furniture, you know what sort of debacle it can be. Straining your fingers against a thin allen wrench, you stare at “instructions” that are merely diagrams covered in arrows, with an occasional amorphous, sad man drawn nearby, shrugging and looking like a failure.

Indie title Home Improvisation captures exactly that feeling—except it even takes away the instructions. The results are often disastrous, and usually hilarious.

The developers of the sandbox furniture construction game just released a short documentary, above, that introduces the team that created Home Improvisation and details how it came to be. The game hands you a box full of IKEA-like modular furniture components and asks you to assemble them. You might have a vague idea of what you’re building, but without instructions, things can quickly go off the rails. Luckily, the point of the game is goofy fun, and not freaking out and yelling at your spouse in frustration, as in real life when assembling IKEA furniture.

Home Improvisation recently made its way to digital games portal Steam’s Early Access program, which means players can buy the game on PC right now and give the developers feedback as they continue to work on it.

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