Believe it or not, people on the internet say terrible things to each other on a regular basis. You can post a recipe for key lime pie and somewhere in the comments an anonymous user will suggest a way for you to kill yourself.

I opened Pandora’s Box of garbage comments recently by suggesting that, after another alleged domestic abuse incident with evidence of drugs and guns, Chris Brown isn’t the best person. Yet his fans constantly defend and make excuses for him. Here’s the tweet:

His fans have a history of going after anyone that points out his long, long history of violence so it wasn’t that much of a surprise that most of my mentions looked like this:

I usually don’t respond to those types of comments because, well, they just never stop once they know they have your attention. But one particularly mean one said, “you could die and nobody would care. Must suck to be you.” A friend of mine responded to it and what happened next was a truly beautiful journey. I started doing this thing where I just try to respond in a friendly conversational kind of way instead of meeting anger with anger. Needless to say, it took an unexpected turn.

By the end I felt like I had made a new friend. Let’s give Big Moth P a break. He learned from his ways AND he’s nice enough to perform I Believe I Can Fly at a total stranger’s hypothetical funeral. That’s a great guy in my book.