In space, no one can hear you sh-t.

Well, if you happen to be sharing a space station toilet with other astronauts, I suppose that’s not true. But either way, I really wanted to use the Alien tag line.

At any rate, have you ever wondered how astronauts take care of business in a zero-gravity environment? If you’re anything like me, you think about it every moment of everyday. Well now, thanks to this video from the European Space Agency, we finally have answers.

In the video above, [Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti] gives a tour of the International Space Station’s toilet, and while the technology used to dispose one’s bodily fluids is undeniably impressive, it will almost certainly give you a new appreciation for regular old indoor plumbing.

Impressive. Although I can’t help but feel Ms. Cristoforetti wasted an opportunity for a “brown dwarf” joke. And no mention of Uranus? Bush league.

(Source: Slate)