I’m going to be totally honest with you guys here: I hate The Big Bang Theory. Just the fact that it exists and is a popular show and the stars of it make millions of dollars pisses me off to no extent because that shouldn’t be allowed. I’ve seen more episodes than I’d like to admimt, and I honestly haven’t stumbled across a single moment that I have found even remotely funny. It’s the cheesiest, cheapest type of humor and I realistically cannot fathom how anyone can enjoy 22 minutes of each episode.

Okay, there is actually one thing about the show I can enjoy. I can understand if people are just watching it for the stunning Kaley Cuoco. But could it really be one of the most popular shows on television simply because it features one hot girl? Yeah, I guess I can believe that.

Kaley Cuoco is reason enough to watch or look at anything not funny. It’s like she forgot how aging works and keeps getting better looking as she gets older. The stunning blonde recently turned 30 years old, but you definitely could not tell. And she has an Instagram account that proves just that! As long as she keeps posting pics in jean shorts and sports bras, I’ll be happy. Otherwise, if she stops posting pics, I’ll be forced to watch Big Bang Theory.

That’s right….its coming….January 7th @spikelsb @llcoolj get ready… 😎

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