Even though your mother probably makes you more than aware of how near/far you are, given the number of times she points out your general lack of visits each month, here’s a fascinating map that shows you just how far out people living in your region of the United States are from their moms, courtesy of The New York Times.

Altogether, though, the average U.S. adult lives just 18 miles from his or her mother, a figure calculated by Upshot (and thanks to a survey of older U.S. residents), as women typically live longer than men and are more likely to be caregivers. Additionally, only 20% live beyond a few-hour drive from their parents these days.

The most surprising fact revealed by this spread of data analysis is that we as a nation—forever hellbent on carrying with us a fevered nostalgia for Route 66 and romanticizing boxcar hobo charm as long as they have a bindle—are significantly less mobile these days. So even with the millennial less-is-more love affair with tiny houses and Airstream life populating everyone’s Facebook feed, neatly buffered by daydreamy travel, wander, and escape quotes layered over landscapes on Instagram and Pinterest, we’re still, and maybe forever will be, not that far from home.