Since musicians don’t make any kind of money selling their actual music anymore—what’s up, Spotify?—the bulk of their income comes from touring. This gives some of the biggest artists around license to charge you beaucoup bucks to go to their shows, and that’s why you had to donate a kidney to see Beyoncé last year.

Live Nation Entertainment, the biggest concert promoter on the planet, understands your pain, even though they’re part of the problem. Credit where it’s due, though: In honor of National Concert Day (because there’s a National Day for everything), Live Nation is charging just $20 (plus service fees) for more than 1,000 decent-to-great concerts all over the country this summer, according to TIME.

If you’re into current chart-toppers like Future, John Mayer, and Chance the Rapper, you’re in luck, because they’re all part of this deal. If you’re into old-ass chart-toppers like Deep Purple, Foreigner, and Styx, you’re also in luck, because they too are participating in the $20 special. If you’re into Better Than Ezra, Collective Soul, and Everclear, these bands are all apparently still around. And if you’re into Tony Danza, hey, whaddayaknow, he’s also part of this deal, but also, why are you trying to go see Tony Danza?

Check out the full list of participating artists and shows here, and pounce on the deals, stat. Tickets are available through May 9, or until they sell out. You can probably wait a little while for Tony Danza, though.