Ana Dias / Playboy

Ana Dias / Playboy

If you feel like summer is slipping away and you’re not quite ready to say goodbye, slide on down to the Bahamas with Playboy Abroad and enjoy this photoshoot featuring luminous beauty Marisa Papen. Our intrepid photographer Ana Dias captured some hot and sandy beach magic with Marisa. What better way to start your weekend than with some sexy?

Okay, On the Real…What’s Up With Millennials and Sex?

It all started last year with that infamous Vanity Fair article by Nancy Jo Sales that announced the rise of an empty hookup culture. In her hand-wringing screed, Sales painted millennials as “Tinder Kings” and “Tinderellas” who fall in and out of bed with the speed of rain wetting concrete. Of course, the media ran with that narrative. Concerned citizens clutched their pearls as they worried about a lost generation comprising amoral twentysomethings who had the sex habits of horny rabbits.

To counter public opinion, a new study shows that according to the numbers, millennials are actually having less sex than previous generations. And with that news, the media over-reacted in the other direction. Headlines screamed Why are Millennials having zero sex?! Of course, that wasn’t any more accurate than the OG VF article. The truth of millennial sex lives lies somewhere between the two over-hyped reactions.

Look, sex is still very popular. It’s just that, as Yo Gotti told us, it first goes down in the DMs or with a casual swipe on a dating app instead of a kiss in a dive bar. Just remember what French writer Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr said about life way back in 1849: “The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Do Women Really Have Better Orgasms Than Men?

This week, evolutionary biologists at Yale announced they think they’ve figured out why women have orgams. Okay, but…What’s the story, Morning Glory? Well, according to the researchers, much like feathers and hair, a woman’s clitoris first developed for one purpose but then evolved into a secondary purpose. The primary purpose was to stimulate ovulation and the second purpose was pleasure. What began as a way to induce eggs to drop slowly turned into a way for women to enjoy the sex act and thus, do it more often. Evolution working at its finest, if we do say so ourselves.

But do women have better orgasms than men? To answer that question, check the video below.

Column: Every Guy Experiences Performance Anxiety, Probably

Each week for Just The Tips, Bridget Phetasy gives you the advice you need to be a more skilled, considerate and confident sexual partner. This week, she focuses on a topic men don’t often like to discuss, even with their closest friends: What can you do when you suffer from performance anxiety? As a new study on sexual function found, one in 10 men “who were sexually active reported at least one sexual problem lasting three months or more…which they had felt distressed about.” Yep! It’s very common, and this week Bridget closes in on the possible causes. (There’s a slew of them.)

The Secret To Getting Super Liked on Tinder

You may have seen news stories this week like this one that declared, “The Best Tinder Profile Is a Well-Balanced Humblebrag.” Okay. But if you didn’t read it closely you probably missed a majorly key factor. “The researchers recruited a nationally representative sample of 316 people (53 percent male, average age of 40, 81 percent white) to rate them.” Honestly, why do you care what a 40-year-old man thinks about your Tinder bio? Is that who you want to match with? (To each her own, but still…)

It’s true it isn’t easy to write an eye-catching dating profile—even when you look like Zac Efron. Dude says when he joined Tinder he didn’t get any matches either. So what should you do to increase your chances? Well, it seems the best answer is the oldest one: Be honest. The reason Zac Efron had trouble is no one believed it was really him. So be yourself. Best way to put it: real recognize real.

Dive Into Deep, Blue Sexy with Jenna

Well, it’s that time of the week. So let’s send you off into Saturday with a hit of sexiness from this photoshoot with Playboy Muse Jenna, photographed by Mark Velasquez. Enjoy.

Mark Velasquez / Playboy

Mark Velasquez / Playboy