Remember when lawn darts were banned because people kept getting hit with them? That won’t be a problem with a throwing tomahawk, for at least three reasons: The mere sight of one says “Stay the hell out of my way”; you’ll practice safe ax, meaning no drinking and throwing; and you’ll have only one ax in circulation, so there will be less likelihood a player walking down-range while another is about to throw. Plus, you have our handy throwing guide right here.

Keep on Target
A crosscut tree stump on a sturdy tripod is the traditional and ideal target. Make sure there’s no one and nothing near or behind it.

Pace Yourself
Hawk in hand, stand with your back to the target, pace off five full strides and turn around. This allows proper hawk rotation.

Hold Steady
Hold the hawk like a hammer, with the edge pointing straight down. Keep your eye on the target and let the hawk swing down past your leg…

Follow Through
…then swing it back behind your ear as if throwing a baseball. Swing your arm forward and straight, release the hawk and watch it land.