We’re going to have to wait quite a while for the remake of Final Fantasy VII to finally grace game consoles everywhere, and while you can soon use FFVII protagonist Cloud to beat on Mario and Yoshi in Super Smash Bros., it won’t be nearly enough Final Fantasy to satiate most players.

That might be why artist Adam Vian worked to make Smash a little more FF. Using the in-game trophies fans can gather as they play, he did his best to recreate a few goofy moments from the 1997 classic (and then snapped photos of his TV, apparently, which does give it a bit of a 1997 feel). The images are available on Vian’s Tumblr.

Look, there’s the moment when a guy with a sword murdered a brown-haired woman! And that bald guy kind of looks like the freedom fighter/terrorist dude with a gun for an arm, if you squint! It’s not exactly a graphically gorgeous high-definition reworking of the original game, but until we get some new trailers from publisher Square Enix, it’ll have to do.

Via Kotaku