There’s the Cuban, the Rueben and the panini—but the Shooter is a completely different sandwich game all together. The monster sandwich, made out of an entire loaf of hallowed out bread, takes 18 steps, 14 ingredients and 3 or 4 heavy boxes. It has everything a guy could ever want in a single bite—4 different types of meat, 3 cheeses, mayo and spicy mustard. So it may come off looking like some work at first, but the genius end result is worth any strenuous preparation.

1. Get Ingredients Ready

Tomato Basil bread, Italian sausage, applewood smoked bacon, deli cajun turkey breast, deli hard salami, muenster cheese, pepperjack cheese, swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, spicy brown mustard, mayonnaise, basil and oregano

2. Hallow out the loaf of bread

3. Prep Italian sausage

4.Get the bacon ready—and try not to eat it

5. Put pepperjack cheese in the bread

6. Layer cajun turkey breast

7. Oregano

8. Cover with mozzarella

9. Italian sausage

10. Muenster cheese next

11.Layer Bacon—and try not to eat it

12. Swiss cheese

13. Add spicy brown mustard and basil

14. Hard salami

15. Lather on mayo

16. Cheddar Cheese

17. Put back on the top of the loaf

18. Wrap in tin foil

19. Throw some weight on it

20. The result after 3.5 hours under weight

21. Unwrapped beauty

22.Layers on layers

23. Complete perfection

Not too sure if anything else can top this master combo

Via Imgur