Nothing like a horrifying video every once in a while to remind you that humans are terrible. We’re aware of the circle of life and the food chain and all of that stuff you try to forget when you’re tucking into a Big Mac, but this is next level.

The YouTube clip shows tourists in New Orleans, Louisiana baiting a wild pig into the path of an enormous alligator by chucking food nearby. If their intentions were ever ambiguous, you can eventually hear a guy on the boat say “we need to feed him one of these pigs,” before more food is tossed into the river.



Then, of course, the alligator does what alligators are known to do: it approaches the helpless, screaming animal and drags it under the water.

You could argue that much worse things happen to get bacon on plates across America–but that doesn’t usually involve having to witness the act of slaughter. Denial works for us just fine, thanks.

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