Fans and freaks assemble! Last weekend the San Diego Comic-Con was in full swing, packing the hall from wall to wall with Pikachus, princesses and a steampunk variation on literally every character that has ever existed. We spoke to a number of them—respectfully avoiding the ones who were weeping with anticipation in line for the Supernatural signing—about why they love the con and what inspired them to cosplay. Here are some of our favorites.

Kevin, cosplaying as Leonardo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
“I’m confident enough to walk around without the other turtles. We’re getting lunch together, though.”

Katie, cosplaying as Garona Halforcen from the Warcraft movie
“She’s a badass, I’m a badass—it just made sense.”

Amanda and Geoffrey, exhibitors with Devastator Press
“I’ve been going to Comic-Con ever since I was a kid, and started exhibiting 20 years later. You lose some of the nerdy glitz when you’re behind the curtain—or rather, the eight-foot table.”
Carolyn, cosplaying as Wonder Woman
“They can mess with the costume all they want; I’m still with Linda Carter.”

Sarah, cosplaying as Pikachu
“This is the first year in forever this costume has been relevant. I’m one of a thousand. Someone caught a Pikachu on me in Pokémon Go this morning so, like, meta-Pikachu moment, right?”
Unidentified Cosplayer as Spider-Man
“Are you kidding? This is the one weekend I get to be anonymous. I am Spider-Man, dude.”
Dan, cosplaying as a Pokémon Go game
“I was so sure I’d be the only one to think of this. There’s like eight of us.”
Cassie, cosplaying as Indiana Jones
“I’m not about to wear a costume I can’t move in. There was a guy who couldn’t get on the escalator this morning because of his wings.”
Nora, cosplaying as Rey
“I never wanna take this off. I am Rey, if Rey, like, ate nachos and went to Comic-Con panels and everything.”
Peter, cosplaying as Deadpool
“I wanted to cosplay as a superhero, but one with a good ass. So, you know, no contest.”