Are you ready to have your mind blown by how stupid human nature can be? The more financially dependent men and women are, the more likely they are to cheat on their spouses. Wait, what? Why would you do that?

According to a new study, if you’re the breadwinner, your spouse is much more likely to cheat on you than if you both earned around the same amount of money.

What’s worse is that men are much more likely to stray when they’re making less money than their partner than when women are making less.

There is about a 5 percent chance that women who are completely economically dependent on their husbands will cheat, whereas there is about a 15 percent chance that men who are entirely economically dependent on their wives will have an affair.

The reason for this is simple (and stupid), dudes are insecure when they don’t make enough.

“Extramarital sex allows men undergoing a masculinity threat – that is, not being primary breadwinners, as is culturally expected – to engage in behavior culturally associated with masculinity,” Munsch says. “For men, especially young men, the dominant definition of masculinity is scripted in terms of sexual virility and conquest, particularly with respect to multiple sex partners. Thus, engaging in infidelity may be a way of reestablishing threatened masculinity. Simultaneously, infidelity allows threatened men to distance themselves from, and perhaps punish, their higher-earning spouses.”

Guys, knock this off! Women are allowed to make more money than us. It’s OK. Don’t let your testosterone and pride ruin something incredible. Either that, or make 70 percent of the household income, because apparently that’s the magic number.

Men are least likely to cheat when they bring home 70 percent of a couple’s total income. After 70 percent, however, men become increasingly more likely to stray.

Here’s an idea. Maybe don’t worry about how much your spouse makes, and try to be happy with what you’ve got.