Take a deep breath. Focus your eyes only on my words. As you follow along, let everything else fade away. You start to feel lighter in your chair, almost like you’re floating above your seat. With every breath out, feel yourself falling deeper into that feeling. Deeper and deeper with every word you read. And then, find yourself falling into a deep sleep.

Now that you’re under my spell, get ready to experience the next big thing in sexual pleasure: hypnosex. And yes, it can be done through text—or online, over the phone, on Skype and, of course, in person.


Do you still feel aware and alert? Good. One of the biggest misconceptions of hypnosis in general, says erotic hypnotist Lady Ru’etha, is that people think they will fall asleep or not remember anything afterwards. But during hypnosis-induced trance, subjects are usually acutely aware of their mind and any sensations in their body, creating the perfect hypnosex environment.

“It’s often been said the brain is the most powerful sexual organ,” said erotic hypnotist HypnoMaestro. “Hypnosis, loosely speaking, is kind of a way to hack the brain. It can take what you already have and make it better. Hypnosis is to sex what bacon is to food. No matter what you’re into, it makes it better, and it can be used for almost everything.”

One popular example of a video hypnotrance:

Hypnosex enthusiasts go into trance for any and every kink imaginable, from enhancing the standard dominant-submissive relationship, to far more specialized fetishes. Lady Ru’etha and her submissive partner Jukebox evoke sensations of typical indulgences like bondage or spanking but also take the practice to a different realm—Lady Ru’etha has even turned a woman into a sex robot for her boyfriend.

Erotic hypnotist Lee Allure has a yard slave—a man who comes to do yard work at her house and orgasms every time he completes a task. She’s also had a surprising number of clients lately who want to undergo sexual transformation hypnotism to pretend they’re cows.

Gay-focused Neil the Erotic Hypnotist has turned men into puppies and superheroes and has a regular client who is a microphile – someone who’s turned on by feeling miniature while everything else around him is gigantic.

With hypnosex, many things are possible. The only limit is the end of one’s imagination. And for many, the best part is that erotic hypnosis can be experienced anywhere with no one noticing (especially for men, because there’s usually no ejaculation while in trance, just full-body orgasmic sensations).

“We’ve had play sessions in the middle of a crowded airport,” Jukebox said. “I’m fully clothed, she’s whispering in my ear, and I’m completely focused on the sensation that I’m feeling. If you are into spanking and for some reason, you’re not able to have a spanking session, through hypnosis you can evoke all of the sensations of that with a trigger, like tapping somebody on the knee and they will feel it like they had just been spanked. Hypnosis can be used to help invoke those sensations in situations where you can’t necessarily do those things, because you’re in public or at your parents’ house.”

Erotic hypnosis can also be used for therapeutic purposes. Those sessions are a bit more intense and require some preparation to find out what issues a client has and what their expectations are for the service. Lee has helped clients learn to give blowjobs, loosened up excessively tight women or someone who wants to be fisted, brought enjoyment to sex for someone who has been abused and made it possible for in-transition men to feel more outwardly feminine.

Yet for all its sexual and psychological benefits, some aren’t thrilled about the idea of erotic mind control.

© Perov Stanislav / Alamy

© Perov Stanislav / Alamy


Erotic hypnotists usually operate without backlash from traditional hypnotherapists. The National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) only appears to have taken a stand once—when a former member tried to start an erotic hypnosis conference under the NGH brand. He was asked not to return to the guild. Neither Lee nor Neil have had any run-ins with the group, possibly in part because, as Lee says, they are “a pretty kinky bunch themselves.”

Those who practice mainstream hypnotherapy look down upon erotic hypnosis; the practice is banned from most traditional hypnosis events. Hypnosex practitioners would like to be accepted by their peers but are generally respectful of hypnotherapists who are critical.

“I can appreciate why most hypnotherapists dislike what we do,” HypnoMaestro says. “A big part of the issue is that hypnosis in general is not very well respected. When you add an erotic or sexual component, it makes the entire field look even worse. But we need to be here. We need to be doing these things, because if we don’t, the amateurs will start doing things their own way and will make mistakes, and it will be bad. At least we’re making sure they do it right.”

That’s especially important as the community grows. Nearly every erotic hypnotist I spoke to shared a cautionary tale of hypnosex gone wrong—either at the hands of an inexperienced hypnotist or one who just wanted to stir up trouble.

Lady Ru’etha, for example, knew a woman was attempting to lose weight. Her boyfriend put her into trance and conditioned her to have an orgasm every time the scale showed she lost some pounds. But, if the number rose, she would feel sick and not eat the rest of the day. With the best of intentions, her boyfriend successfully installed an eating disorder in her brain.

Lee had a terrified client come to her for a traditional sex hypnotherapy session. The woman had been to a different hypnotist to solve her intimacy issues. That hypnotist couldn’t solve the problem and instead began playing with erotic mind-control without her consent. The woman was too scared to see any other hypnotists and never came back to Lee.


The erotic hypnosis community is vigilant about stopping abusive hypnosex practices. That’s where erotic hypno conferences come in. MEEHU, the Midwest Erotic Hypnosis Unconference; WEEHU, the Western Erotic Hypnosis Unconference; and NEEHU, the New England Erotic Hypnosis Unconference all have a shared goal of providing training and ethics guidelines for anyone interested in hypnosex. The three conferences meet once a year (MEEHU is coming up in Chicago in July) and provide a safe place for exploration and learning.

The existence of these groups could, in time, help catapult erotic hypnosis out of its current online secrecy and erase the stereotypes of hypnosis in general as something evil or silly.

“Hypnosis in general is underappreciated,” Neil says. “Part of it is the media portrayal of hypnosis, and hypnosis stage shows don’t help because they give us a very hokey reputation. I’ve never made anyone cluck like a chicken on stage, but I have made people bark like a dog.”

Consider all you’ve just learned as you begin to focus solely on my words once again. Give each letter your full attention, blocking out everything else around you. With each word you read, slowly come back to the present, lifting yourself up with every breath. Soon, you are completely awake—and ready to have an erotic hypnotic adventure of your own.

Jennifer Billock is a freelance writer, author and editor, usually focusing on some combination of culinary travel, culture and history. She is currently dreaming of an around-the-world trip with her Boston terrier. Check her out at jenniferbillock.com and follow her on Twitter @jenniferbillock.


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