Lexy Panterra, the face (and butt) of LexTwerkout, knows how to win at the Internet. Ever since her ‘twerkout’ videos started to take off a couple of months ago, Lexy has stayed on top of the trends and keeps putting out videos where she shakes her magnificent butt over some of the world’s most popular songs. She knows that a trending tune plus amazing butt giggling equals lots of views. It’s a simple formula, in fact, but only a handful of individuals are able to execute it properly. Lexy is one of those people.

Her older videos were more about twerking techniques and how to utilize the dance trend as an exercise option. These days, her videos are more just ass-bouncing music videos. But you know what has two thumbs and isn’t complaining? This guy! You can’t see, but I’m totally pointing my thumbs at myself. It looks really cool. Trust me.

This time around, the Twerkout master takes a shot at The Weeknd’s latest smash hit “I Can’t Feel My Face”. It’s a fantastic song, and a fantastic ass, and it all makes for a fantastic video. Enjoy!

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